Kidney Transplant | Family Rejoices as Mom Becomes Living Donor to Save Son’s Life

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Shaun Phelan (23), an electrical apprentice from Stanger, Kwa-Zulu Natal, learned that his dad, Shaun (Senior), was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure in January 2020.

Just 3 months later, doctors discovered that his kidney function was less than 4%.

Hearing that her son and her husband of over 24 years were facing equally difficult obstacles was extremely difficult for Sharon and her family.

“I watched my diabetic husband, who was always active, go through a bypass, then dialysis, and then he was completely reliant on a wheelchair. Then Shaun got sick, which was a major shock, as he has always been healthy.” – says Sharon.

The Phelan family: Shaun (Jnr), Christine, Shaun (Snr) and Sharon

Sadly, Shaun Senior (55) who was a wonderful and giving person, succumbed to kidney failure on 5 October 2021, as he was ineligible for a kidney transplant due to his health problems.

In the absence of his dad, who he loved dearly, Shaun is determined to defeat his diagnosis and is fully focused on his health. Currently, Shaun undergoes dialysis 3 times a week for up to 6 hours.

“Mom is my Miracle”

Facing the reality that Shaun’s only hope of a ‘normal and functioning’ life, is to have a kidney transplant as soon as possible, Sharon dutifully volunteered to get tested, hoping to beat the 50/50 odds of becoming a kidney donor for her son.

Undergoing blood type, crossmatch, and HLA testing (tissue typing), Sharon was elated to learn that she was a perfect match for Shaun.

Shaun with his sister, Christine.

“I am really happy that I am a match for my son as this means that he can get the transplant sooner and not have to wait for a match to be found. I hope that the transplant is a success so that he can carry on and live his dream and he is not held back as he is at the moment” – says Sharon

Saving Shaun’s life

With a donor match secured, Shaun is scheduled to undergo his kidney transplant at Netcare St Augustine’s Hospital on 23 June 2022.

To help cover the donor costs not covered by Shaun’s medical aid, as well Shaun’s transport and living expenses before and after the life-saving transplant, Sharon has launched a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy.

A kidney transplant will save Shaun’s life

Since the launch of the campaign, over R64 000 has been raised with kind contributions from 43 donors.

“The kind donations and words of support we have received as a family have been our lifeboat. We have faced many hardships in the last 2 years, most recently having to evacuate our home due to the floods in Durban, But we have hope and faith that with Shaun’s transplant, our luck will. begin to change”

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By becoming an organ donor you can to save 7 lives and help 50 people.

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Mom is a match for Shaun (22) who is running out of time to have a kidney transplant 

“Mom is my miracle” says Shaun (23) who is running out of time to have kidney transplant (17)

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