Pretoria Stable Manager Needs Specialized Treatment After Horse Kick In the Face

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Marissa Barnard (30), a stable manager from Donkerhoek, Pretoria, suffered a devastating kick to the face while lunging a horse at her workplace, The Burgh Equestrian Estate, on 30 November 2020.

The accident left her with serious injuries to her upper jaw, nose, and sinuses, causing her severe pain and difficulty breathing. 

Marissa Barnard after the accident

Without medical aid, Marissa initially received emergency treatment at a state hospital, but now is in desperate need of specialised treatment, as the shattered bones in her face have healed in the wrong position, causing chronic sinusitis and leaving her in constant agony.

Needing R50 000 to undergo a procedure at The Nose Clinic, which does not include any external cosmetic work, Marissa’s mom, Ansie Barnard, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy, appealing to the public to support her daughter.

Since the launch of the campaign, over R7000 has been raised with the support of 10 donors. The Burgh Equestrian Estate has also donated R30 000 to Marissa privately to assist her with her medical needs.

Marissa Barnard after the accident

Passionate about caring for horses, Marissa returned to work shortly after the accident, and has remained positive, despite her traumatic ordeal.

“This was a freak accident, with a loved competition horse.  I don’t hold blame for the horse or the situation, even though the repercussions are still bad. Horses are still absolutely my passion, and seeing riders accomplish their best and overcome obstacles in life are what I am here for.I really hope to get this operation done so I can get back in the saddle and enjoy riding again.” – says Marissa


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