WATCH | Woman with Cerebral Palsy to walk 100km to gift wheelchairs to the underprivileged

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Brittany McCormick (25) a keynote speaker from Paarl, Western Cape, was born premature at just 25 weeks. 

Attached to ‘every pipe and tube imaginable’, Brittany spent the first 3 months of her life in the intensive care unit, where her anxious parents Hadley (59) and Anthea (53) watched over her.

At the age of 1 Brittany was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy Quadriplegia of high muscle tone, told she would never be able to walk, and that living past the age of 18 would be a ‘miracle’. 

Defying the odds, Brittany learned to crawl at 2, and with the help of physiotherapy during lockdown, she can now even walk short distances on her treadmill with little assistance, a major triumph.

“I had come so far with learning to walk that I didn’t want to backtrack, so my family and I kept it going throughout the lockdown. During this time, I felt I needed a challenge, so I took part in the virtual races of the justice league and completed the entire series. Fast forward a year and a bit, I’m still learning to walk unassisted.” – says Brittany

Putting her best foot forward

Near the end of 2021, the pipes beneath Brittany’s wheelchair cracked, and was in dire need of a service.Spending 10 days without her wheels, Brittany was put in a humbling position. 

“I understood first-hand how reliant I am on my wheelchair, and how limiting life can be if your mobility is taken away from you. I began thinking of the people who aren’t in the financial position to afford a wheelchair,  let alone get it repaired. This struck a string within my heart.” -says Brittany

Challenging her will and her abilities, Brittany came up with an idea to give at least 6 individuals their own wheelchair, by walking 100km on her treadmill over the next 6 months.

To make her charitable dream come true, Brittany launched a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy with a fundraising goal of R70 000, to benefit Paarl School in Brackenfell, who will select the underprivileged beneficiaries most in need.


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“Walking 100km would be a mean feat for an able-bodied person, and I know if I want to reach the finish line, I will have to work twice as hard. With everything I do in my life, I hope to inspire others not to doubt and limit themselves, and show that with hard work, amazing things can happen” – says Brittany

Since the launch of her campaign on 4 April 2022, Brittany has raised almost R5000 with kind contributions from 7 donors. For every R8500 raised, Brittany will fund a wheelchair for someone in need.

Support Brittany’s campaign on BackaBuddy:

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