TRIGGER WARNING | Gran (47) left disfigured after gruesome attack by employer’s pit bulls

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Selina Kokolosi (47), a grandmother from Potchefstroom, Northwest Province, who works as a domestic worker, was attacked and grievously mauled by her employer’s three pit bulls on 25 January 2022.

The dogs, which are ordinarily locked away when Selina arrives for work, brutally attacked her as she entered the home, shredding her skin. 

The attack was so severe that it alerted the neighbours, who put themselves at risk to help Selina, who lay lifeless on the floor in critical condition,

To save Selina’s life, she was rushed to Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto and placed in the intensive care unit, where she spent several weeks, until she was finally discharged on 11 March 2022.

The injuries Selina has sustained are difficult to comprehend. Both her ears, her top lip, and parts of her nose were completely ripped away. Her legs, thighs and hands were also targeted by the hounds.

A life ‘destroyed’

As a result of the traumatic ordeal Selina says has ‘destroyed’ her life, she has lost vision in her right eye, and without assistance, tasks such as simple eating have become extremely difficult.

Besides her physical injuries, for which she has already undergone several surgeries, and skin graft procedures, Selina is experiencing emotional pain, as she is ‘unrecognisable’ to her loved ones, particularly her beloved grandchildren.

Speaking to the Daily News, Selina said:

 “I may have survived death, but sadly, I now have to live with the fact that I am not the person my grandchildren knew. They fear being around me, they cry when they see me because they do not believe that I am their grandmother.

“The young ones who used to love me are struggling to accept me because the grandmother they knew had ears, lips, nose and looked like other human beings. Now I look completely different”

Selina’s tissue is dying

In recent months, Dr Bruce Lelala, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon based in Johannesburg, who has been assisting Selina with her extensive injuries, says her body tissue in the wounded areas are effectively dying off, and that she is in need of an urgent surgical procedure that could cost millions.

Dr Bruce Lelala with Selina Kokolosi.

Speaking to Daily News, Dr Lelala said:

“She has suffered a chronic non-healing wound on the right lower limb over the Achilles tendon, and extensive large defects on the bones in her legs. The patient also has some degree of lymphedema (accumulation of rich fluid from the body’s lymph system),” said Lelala.

Kind strangers support Selina 

After reading Selina’s story, a Johannesburg woman, Alma McGill, launched a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy, to assist Selina with the cost of her upcoming reconstructive surgeries, rehabilitation, and other expenses that she may incur. 

Since the launch of the campaign more than 130 donors have made contributions to the value of R55 000, which has been a great help to the family who is struggling to cover their mounting medical bills, and transportation costs to and from the Hospital.

Support Selina’s medical costs on BackaBuddy:

Alternatively, donate Via Snapscan:

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