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While it’s not impossible to crowdfund large sums of money through crowdfunding, these are often rare occasions that require a lot of time, dedication, a large network of supporters, and the use of social media.

In this article, we will guide you through setting your fundraising target and what you should consider when setting your goal.

Managing expectations

To investigate on average how many donors it typically takes to reach your fundraising target, we researched over 600 successful campaigns on South Africa’s leading crowdfunding platform, BackaBuddy.

We found that campaigns that raise:
  • R10 000 typically have 15+ donors
  • R20 000 typically have 30+ donors
  • R50 000 typically have 40+ donors
  • R100 000 typically have 130+ donors
  • R200 000 typically have 185+ donors
  • R250 000 typically have 190+ donors

Small fundraising targets

Depending on your network of supporters, campaigns with smaller fundraising targets (R5000-R10 000) tend to reach their fundraising targets quicker and can be funded by approaching your close, personal network and making use of social media.

Smaller targets tend to be less intimidating to donors and often focus on one tangible need which makes the campaign more appealing to supporters.

A basic guide to Raising 10 000 and below.

A basic guide to Raising R20 000

Medium to large fundraising targets

If your fundraising target is significant (R50 000 – R200 000) or if you’re raising funds for ongoing costs, your campaign will typically take on a longer fundraising cycle.

To avoid donor fatigue, you will need to approach a wider network of supporters through social media and the press. (If your campaign is newsworthy)

Campaigns with large fundraising targets can be intimidating to potential supporters, as they often feel their contribution won’t make much of an impact on the barometer. 

If possible, re-evaluate your campaign ask and structure your campaign around your most pressing need. If there is no way to decrease your campaign target, include a breakdown of your costs, so donors can see where the funds will be used.

A basic guide to Raising R50 000

A basic guide to Raising R100 000 and above.

Reasons to adjust your fundraising target

  • You have included too many needs in your fundraising ask
  • Your fundraising needs have changed
  • You have exhausted your personal network of supporters
  • There’s a lack of support at the start of your campaign

Storytelling is key: 

Whether you’re raising a small, medium or a large amount of money through crowdfunding, make sure your campaign story is well written, informative and emotive. Read More

If you can, introduce your crowdfunding campaign with a 1 minute video shot on your cellphone – as campaigns with video content tend to raise 4 times more funds. Read More.

Before setting up a crowdfunding campaign, make sure you have ticked off all the items in our advice checklist.

Crowdfunding Checklist

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