SA Woman in need of urgent breast reduction surgery to get ‘6kg weight off her chest’

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Kirsty Olwagen (32) a school bus driver from Pietermaritzburg, who now lives in Kuruman, was a breech baby, born with a dislocated hip, which has placed tremendous strain on knees her whole life.

At only 2-years old, doctors at Mediclinic in Kwa-Zulu Natal, realised that Kirsty’s hip had grown past her socket, and without surgery, she might not have been able to walk for the rest of her life.

To help Kirsty re-align her hip with her socket, her legs needed to be stretched out into the splits, and she had to hang upside down, with the help of a T-shape mechanism, for 2-years, while she ate, slept and played.

Thankfully, the procedure worked, and Kirsty proved everyone wrong who thought she wouldn’t be able to walk.

 Kirsty Olwagen at age 6.

Later in Life

Fast forward a couple years, and Kirsty’s problem with her hips manifested in a new way.

Developing large breasts at the age of only 13-years old, Kirsty felt tremendous pressure on her back, and eventually had to undergo a series of 5 knee operations.

 Kirsty Olwagen at age 18

Like many women who deal with the burden of a heavier chest, Kirsty has struggled with weight gain her whole life,  which has placed increased pressure on her knees.

She has since developed a more severe condition: Sacroiliitis in her left hip, which causes inflammation of the sacroiliac joints, as well as tension of the lumbar spine and pelvic joints.

To avoid Kirsty having to undergo a comprehensive back operation or hip replacement surgery, which could put her life at risk, doctors have recommended that she has Breast reduction surgery urgently, as her breasts weigh over 6kgs.

“I want nothing more than to enjoy life with my family, without being in constant pain and discomfort. My boobs and I have had a good run, but the party’s over and it’s time to go.” – jokes Kirsty.

Help Kirsty get a weight off her chest 

As Kirsty’s medical aid has declined to cover the cost of her breast reduction surgery, estimated to cost over R94 000, arguing that it is a cosmetic procedure.

To help ease her financial burden, non-profit organisation, Porky’s People NPC, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to reach out to the public for support. Thus far, over R7500 has been raised with generous support.

Funds raised, which will be administered by BackaBuddy NPC and Porky’s People NPC, will be used to cover the cost of Kirsty’s medication, time in theatre, the surgeon and anaesthetist fee, as well as an overnight hospital stay.

“Everyone who knows Kirsty knows she is a big girl, with an even bigger heart. Having this operation will help her regain her confidence and finally live pain-free.” – says Kirsty’s sister, Natasha.

With public support, Kirsty could undergo her breast surgery in Pretoria before the end of year.

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