SA Paralegal in London to sleep on the street in aid of homeless youth in the UK

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On the evening of 10th of March 2022, Christopher Anderson (27), originally from South Africa, now living in Twickenham, London, will brave a chilly evening. ‘sleeping rough’ on the streets of London, to support young people in the UK affected by homelessness.

Bringing the property industry together, LandAid, a non-profit organisation that delivers life-changing services for young people affected by homelessness, hopes to showcase the reality of homelessness, which has increased exponentially during the pandemic.

In 2021, an estimated 121 000 young people approached their council as they were either homeless or at risk of becoming homeless – this is a 40% rise in only 5 years.

A homeless man begging on the Strand, London / Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Your donation can make a difference

Hoping to raise £300, Christopher, who works as a paralegal, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on LandAid, to lend his voice to help end homelessness.

  • By donating £29 you could give an individual, who has recently been taken off the streets, kitchen essentials such as pots, pan, and crockery so they can cook in their new home.
  • By donating £50 you pay for a young person to have a one-on-one session with a mental health advocate to help support them with social isolation.
  • By donating £166 you could fund a bedspace at a project LandAid has created or refurbished for a month.

“As a society, we need to be thankful every day for our warm homes, the food we have to eat and the comforts we enjoy, and we should in any way we can, uplift those who aren’t as fortunate, and help them get back on their feet” – says Chris

Taking on the #SleepOut challenge, Chris will be joined by 23 of his colleagues at Sage Housing. 

Thus far, The Sage Team have collectively raised £2,239 towards their fundraising target of £4,500 ahead of their #LandAidSleepOut

Support Christopher’s campaign by donating on LandAid here:

Connect with LandAid

Every year, thousands of young people in the UK find themselves homeless. It’s a problem that we’re here to tackle. We bring the property industry together to support charities delivering life-changing services for young people who are or have been homeless, or who are at risk of homelessness in the future. Through a unique network of corporate partners, we invest funding and expertise where we can achieve a lasting impact.

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