Restoring dignity to the elderly remains top priority for old folks home in the Lamontville township 

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The Issy Geshen Lamont Home for the Aged situated in the Lamontville township in Durban, South Africa, cares for the physical, emotional and social needs of 69 frail elderly residents from extremely disadvantaged communities.

Pictured above, Gogo Guma, a legendary resident of the home, passed away in February 2022 at the age of 102, after many golden years spent at the home.

In recent months, due to the rising cost of living standards, and increased medical costs, the non-profit organisation, which is a haven for many old folks who have been neglected or abused, is facing financial challenges.

Reaching out to businesses, individuals, faith-based organisations, and the general public to help cover one of the most expensive line items the home faces, disposable nappies, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched on BackaBuddy. The campaign hopes to cover the home’s nappy costs for the next 3 months.

Mr. Guy Levene, Chairperson of the Issy Geshen Lamont Home for the Aged said, 

“More than 70% of the frail elders are reliant on disposable adult nappies, which come at a significant cost – one of the home’s highest expenses after food and salaries. The home spends approximately R20 000 per month on disposable nappies.” 

Incontinence represents many of the challenges facing frail elderly, and the failure of civil society and government to adequately support this vulnerable group. 

Many elders who have disabilities, have suffered strokes or are living with chronic health issues such as diabetes may have reduced control of their bladder and bowel movements.

“The elderly living with such needs and disabilities are denied their most basic human right when their sanitary needs are not adequately provided for with nappies. Many disabilities cause incontinence and when something as essential as a nappy is missing from an elder’s care, it compromises their health, dignity, comfort, and freedom, and undermines their value in society,” added Levene.

Meet a few of the charming residents 

The Dignity drive aims to encourage support and donations of adult nappies from local and national businesses, communities and individuals, to increase society’s knowledge and understanding of incontinent issues, including human rights of the elderly, using the Dignity-nappy drive as the theme for the campaign.

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Connect with Issy Geshen Lamont Home for the Aged

The Issy Geshen Lamont Home for the Aged was founded in 1960 by Mr Geshen and a group of volunteers – the Home was established to meet the need of vulnerable, homeless, disabled and needy pensioners in Lamontville. 

Since its inception, the Home has provided and continues to provide comprehensive and holistic services and care to frail elders. For varying reasons, black African elders cannot live with family, are alone or cannot care for themselves. 

The Home was officially registered as an old-age facility in 1980 to qualify for a government subsidy and acquire a state doctor’s services. 

The Home provides accommodation, nutritious meals, medical care, and 24-hour quality care to elders over the age of 60 years.  

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