Planet | Eco-warrior, Artist, now Author, Romario (11) launches BOOK to inspire a new generation

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Romario Valentine, an 11-year-old eco-warrior from Umhlanga, Durban, has a deep-rooted passion to protect and preserve our planet.

Echoing Dr Wangari Maathai’s mantra ‘To the young people I say, you are a gift to your communities and indeed the world. You are our hope and future’.

Romario has…

  • Completed over 220 beach clean-ups.
  • Planted 450 trees in over 20 countries.
  • He made history by becoming the youngest Ambassador for Ocean Sole, a Kenyan company that recycles flip flops that wash ashore.
  • Represented South Africa on a panel at The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification.
  • Raised over R55 000 on crowdfunding platform BackaBuddy in aid of a number of conservation initiatives.
  • Appeared on The United Nations, 50/50, Extreme E’s Virtual Series Launch, National Geographic Kids, Global Citizen to name a few.

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Romario has a deep-rooted passion to protect and preserve our planet.

“I have always been passionate about nature and biodiversity. However, when I was 6, I participated in a school play as an orca. I did research with my mother and discovered the damage pollutants were doing to orcas and other marine species. I realised this could lead to their extinction and cause an imbalance in the ocean’s ecosystem. I embarked on a mission to clean the beach at least once a week ever since.” – says Romario

To inspire the next generation of nature lovers, Romario has enthusiastically penned his own book, Protect our Planet – Take action with Romario, a comprehensive guide that focuses on  key environmental topics – from recycling and reforestation to pollution solutions and climate change.

Topics covered in this book overlap with the Foundation Phase curriculum, and include:

  • The relationship between people and the environment 
  • Renewable resources, such as solar power
  • Forestation and why trees matter
  • Types of pollution and the problem with plastic
  • Reducing, reusing and recycling
  • Climate change
  • The importance of clean water
  • Craft ideas, art activities and backyard projects

“I believe children involved in environmentalism at a young age will help them become better citizens of the earth. Hopefully the youth can find innovative ways to protect biodiversity. When we take care of nature. We take care of ourselves.” – Romario

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WordsworthLootPenguin Random House – Gift Horse

“I feel blessed to be the mother of a visionary child like Romario. He is a kind-hearted and humble boy who cares for our environment, wildlife and children. As parents, we let him follow his guidance of the Spirit to protect Mother nature and earth’s inhabitants.” – says Delsha

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