Pietermaritzburg community supports doting dad diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer.

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After a year-long battle with this dread disease, doctors pronounced that Mornay was finally in remission. This was a great feat for the Le Roux family, but their celebration was short-lived.
Mornay with his daughters

In October 2020, just two months after receiving the ‘all-clear’, tests revealed that Mornay’s cancer was back with a vengeance and had spread to his lymph nodes, liver, and had begun attacking his immune system.

In November 2020, Mornay had to undergo another liver operation to remove a sizeable tumour.

Whlist in hospital, he faced another setback when he picked up a superbug and had to be re-hospitalised for 7 weeks. Furthermore, Mornay had a fifth of his lung removed due to the abscess the superbug caused.

Crowdfunding on BackaBuddy

To continue his aggressive chemotherapy, which makes him incredibly ill, Mornay cannot return full time to his work as a labour consultant.

To alleviate the financial stress Mornay is facing, the Le Roux family has launched a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy to appeal to the public for support as Mornay fights for his health.

Mornay Le Roux
With the support of generous donors, over R138 000 has been raised towards their fundraising target of R400 000 with contributions from 131 donors from Hilton, Pietermaritzburg and around the globe.

“Mornay is humble, kind, and was reluctant to appeal for any sort of donation, but at this point, it is all we have left. We want to alleviate the financial stresses he faces so he can focus fully on healing and his next 6 months of aggressive chemotherapy. We want and need him to be around for his family  for many more years to come. “ – says Kelly Stegen who helped Mornay set up his campaign.

Support Mornay’s medical treatment below:


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