PICTURES | Heroic children walk 2km to SPCA, carrying injured dog to safety in a baby car seat

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In January 2022, Matthew Hahm (11), Thorne Davids (10) and Alex Jacobs (9), from Parkwood, Cape Town, heard a loud dog’s cry after a free-roaming dog chased Bruno, Thorne’s puppy into the road where he was knocked by a car.

Without hesitation, the three children put Bruno in a car seat and walked 2km, each carrying a side of the baby chair, to Cape of Good Hope SPCA, to help the pup who was traumatised and in a lot of pain.

“Thank you to the wonderful SPCA who are doing their magic to ensure that Bruno is brought back to health and to the families of these children for raising what can only be described as angels.” – says Anthea

Bruno in his baby car seat

‘These children are our future’

“These children showed us something so incredible – an act of kindness from which we could all learn something special.” – said Anthea Scholtz, a massive fan of SPCA’s work, who has since launched a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy to reward the ‘Super Citizens.’

Since the launch of the campaign, over R16 000 has been raised towards the fundraising target of R20 000 which will be used to purchase much-needed school uniforms and stationery for the boys (Matthew and Thorne) and girl (Alex), as well as treat them to a day of their dreams.

“We want to ensure that all three children and their families have what they need to keep nurturing what are already very special souls.”

“The funds raised will go toward showing these Super Citizens exactly how wonderful their deed was and to shine a truly positive light on Animal Rescue. It’s a small act of kindness like this that adds up to something far greater than we could imagine. Let’s reward those that do so much good. These children are our future.” – says Anthea

Anthea has asked that funds raised be administered by BackaBuddy NPC, as to ensure that funds are used for their intended purpose, and to provide full transparency with donors. Donors will be updated on the children’s progress, says Anthea. 

Support the Super Citizens on BackaBuddy:
Alternatively, donate via Snapscan:

The story has sent tails wagging! 

A few messages from the 39 donors who have supported the children thus far.

“Thanks for inspiring us to take better care of our animal friends!” – Joseph O

“Well done boys, please stay the kind angels that you are protecting animals, Thank you to SPCA” – Danni

“So happy that these wonderful children have shown such kindness. I hope that their parents are beyond proud. ” – Caro Beggin

“So proud of you for taking responsibility and care for your puppy. May you all be blessed x” – Caryn Kennedy

“Such mercy, kindness and compassion displayed by these gentle little souls.” – Raksha

Update: Fun in the Sun

On Saturday 12 Feb 2022 the team at Super Citizens spent the most wonderful time taking the families of Thorne, Matthew, Alex and puppy Bruno out on the day of their dreams.
A sailing experience for eighteen people started the day of fun with spotting dolphins and other beautiful sea life. Add to that Ferris wheel rides and a day filled with great food – it all amalgamated into what was simply a beautiful experience.
The stationery has been delivered to the children and their uniforms are all ready for collection. This has served as a truly wonderful project to thank the three children for an unforgettable deed for their dog, Bruno.
  • Waterfront Charters for the sailing experience
  • Bluebird Bespoke Travel for the chauffeured luxury vehicles for the families
  • Marc Shane Berman for the photography on the day
  • John Sanei, Shinnai Visser
  • Tarryn Kelly & Sanela Paisley (Super Citizens team) for all the help in networking to raise funds

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