Move One Million calls for South Africans to once again unite against corruption

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It has been approximately 45 days since Move ONE Million supporters from across the globe united for a historic peaceful protest against a failed system on 5 September 2020. In the days that followed, the Movement was not only registered as a Non-Profit Company (NPC) but it also appointed esteemed businessman Derek Holmes as its new CEO.

As a result of the new-found structures that were put in place, complete with a Vision and Mission Statement, the movement is now readily equipped to build structures at ground-level to propel it forward and effect the desired change in the country. 

“Move ONE Million is not singularly focused but understands and is addressing the umbrella of critical issues that are devastating our country. It stands alone as an organization that has implemented a multi-level leadership structure both locally and internationally. These will provide the focus, leadership, continuity and transparency required to address the critical challenges our country is facing.”Derek Holmes, Move ONE Million CEO

Derek Holmes

Over the past few days there has been an incredible build-up of racial tension across South Africa, sparked by the brutal killing of 21-year-old Brendin Horner. Horner’s murder, as we know, is part of a spree of senseless murders that have taken place on farms around the country.  In true fashion, some political formations have used this tragedy as a platform to capture the media’s attention and create a springboard for support ahead of the next local elections.

Brendin Horner

Time for action

“Facebook is a medium that will only be able to drive us to a certain point. If, however, we are serious about driving a new vehicle for change in South Africa, we have to realise that this happens on the ground. We are incredibly grateful for the support we have received and for the team that is currently in place. We are looking forward to growing our team and diversification within our ranks and to build a system based on honesty, integrity, consequence, accountability, and good governance.

As a people, we can no longer allow ourselves to be used as pawns to serve the interests of those who are completely disconnected from the realities that most of the country faces. We, the people, must begin to come to grips with the fact that we’re on our own. If we fail to unite and push back against attempts by political opportunists to racially polarise us, we shall all go down irrecoverably.  

How much longer are we going to allow divisive narratives to dictate how we view and treat one another? Isn’t it time that we started looking for the answers we so desperately seek in ourselves, instead of in power-hungry and often narcissistic politicians who are not accountable to us?

The time has come for our rich and culturally-diverse nation to put our cards on the table, talk about the things that we have all been carrying with us for so long, and find a way forward, united in our diversity.”  says Jarette Petzer, Move One Million founder.

The grassroots movement enters phase 2

Jarette credits the success of the Move One Million movement thus far to the ordinary South Africans who have offered their time, expertise, and financial support towards the grassroots movement.

“All of this was made possible by the incredible support of our various  teams working tirelessly behind the scenes as well as the incredible generosity of our members who have put us up in their accommodation, fed us, and financially contributed toward our first fundraising campaign on BackaBuddy that raised over R186 075.28.” says Jarette

As Move One Million gears up for a second demonstration on 24 October 2020, ahead of the next elections, the organisation is once again calling on South Africans to unite against corruption.

We call for South Africans at home and in the vast diaspora to stand united and make a statement. We will no longer allow ourselves to be used as chess pieces on a politically and ideologically manipulated board. We will also use this opportunity to call for accountability and consequence against those who have sown division, looted our economy, and thrown our country into a state of lawlessness.” – says Jarette

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