‘Mountain Man’ shares life lessons he learned while climbing Table Mountain for 965 hours in 2018

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Through the summer sun and winter rain, Andrew pushed his body to the limits and committed to his cause in hopes to inspire South Africans to look out for their fellow man and make the world a better place.

Taking the last step of his 965 hour, 2429km journey (including 262km of vertical climbing – which is equivalent to climbing Mount Everest 71 times) on New Year’s Eve, Andrew was thankful to the 738 climbers who joined him along the way, as well as the 485 donors who pledged their support.

“The people I got to meet, the conversations that we have had on the mountain, the enthusiasm for people to get behind this to make a real difference in this country was mind blowing. It goes to show that you can never fully grasp the full power of an idea until you act on it and start to see it blooming. It was hard to put into a few words what that year meant to me, the entire experience was even greater than I ever imagined. I developed a greater understanding of listening to my own inner voice, intuition and gut.” – says Andrew

With his 365 Ubuntu Climbs crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy, Andrew raised close to R1 Million which was used to:

  • Deliver books to 3 of the Western Cape’s poorest schools in Stellenbosch, Klapmuts and Kayamandi in connection with One Heart for Kids.
  • Upgrade the homes of 10 struggling families living in shacks in Baphumelele, Khayelitsha with Habitat for Humanity.
  • Add 60 donors to the Sunflower Fund by running 2 donor drives to help those living with  leukaemia.

Taking on the challenge, Andrew learned a powerful lesson about what we can accomplish together when we push through our own fears and insecurities.

“I learned when I choose to focus on solutions to challenges rather than become weighed down by the challenge itself – whether climbing or the societal challenges at large – I feel far more empowered. There is always a solution. I just have to decide I have the dedication, perseverance, and depth of faith to go as far as is needed.” – says Andrew

Andrew hopes South Africans will be inspired to conquer their own mountain.

“Whatever your challenge – just get started. Table mountain from afar seemed insurmountable, but seeing the next few stairs ahead of you makes you think ‘why didn’t I start sooner’. Focus on today and what you can do right now to make South Africa better” – says Andrew

Celebrating a fab finish

Rudy’s Challenge

Inspired by Andrew, Rudy van Dieman (26), a tour guide for Table Mountain Aerial Cableway, hopes to achieve 365 summits up Table Mountain in 2022 to help buy a safe house for children in Mitchells Plain. Read More.

“Rudy first contacted me in 2020 to tell me he wanted to tackle this challenge. Climbing Table Mountain every day for a year is a mammoth undertaking — but once I heard why he wanted to do this, I had absolute faith in him. Rudy is an incredible man with big dreams and an even bigger heart. I’m incredibly proud of him and supporting him with every step he climbs.” – says Andrew

Andrew with Rudy

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