‘Masks for Medics’ re-ignites emergency COVID-19 relief fund to prepare for imminent 3rd wave 

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To prepare for the imminent third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Masks for Medics, a non-profit initiative based in Cape Town, South Africa, is re-launching their crowdfunding campaign to supply non-hospital-based frontline healthcare workers with medical-grade personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Masks for Medics was launched by a group of caring family doctors in May 2020, with the profound understanding that in order for individuals, families and communities to be kept safe during the pandemic, it is imperative that our courageous healthcare workers on the front line have the necessary resources to keep themselves safe.

Masks For Medics fulfilling their mandate of keeping frontline workers safe.

Generous public support 

Over the last 10 months, with tremendous support from generous donors both locally and internationally, as well as over R547 000 raised through their crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy, Masks for Medics has supported frontline workers by:

  • Distributing PPE to 212 individuals and 386 institutions including 29 102 gowns, 345 080 aprons, 251 535 surgical masks, 29 248 respirator masks, 10 484 visors, 11 286 gloves, 18 792 sanitiser bottles, 401 pulse oximetry monitors and 478 thermometers – all medical grade. 
  • They have also provided 261 sanitiser foot pedals and 328 Perspex screen dividers to allow elderly care facilities to continue allowing visitors and to keep administrative staff safe.
Carers from elderly care facilities in the Western Cape have been supported by Masks For Medics since May last year.

Preparing for a third wave

With the increase of COVID-19 cases and an imminent third wave, Masks for Medics, aims to broaden their beneficiary base within the Western Cape province to include homeless shelters and more feeding schemes with a continued focus on Elderly Care Facilities and individual Healthcare Workers, ensuring that those who are frontline carers receive medically certified PPE. This will not only keep them safe but also the children, the elderly and the sick in our communities. 

Dr Julie Ettelin, one of the founding doctors and directors of Masks For Medics

“We call on those who can, to please donate generously and assist us in fulfilling our mandate of keeping our Frontline Workers safe! Please support our BackaBuddy campaign and help grow our emergency relief fund. This will directly impact us all and help Masks for Medics in caring for the carers,” says Dr Julie Etellin, one of the founding doctors of Masks for Medics. 

Support Masks For Medics on BackaBuddy: https://www.backabuddy.co.za/masks-for-medics
Alternatively donate Via Snapscan:

All donors to this campaign are eligible to receive a Section 18a Tax Certificate upon request issued by PBO, The Angel Network.

Connect with Masks For Medics

Drs Lauren Lee, Sonia Hough and Julie Etellin are 3 family doctors who banded together during a unique time in history. After witnessing the chaos the pandemic had on the entire world, Masks for Medics needed to act swiftly and be prepared to keep our healthcare workers safe.

The prediction filtering in from Europe was for overwhelming numbers of sick people and they knew we needed to urgently collaborate on ideas to protect our frontline so they can better serve patients within their communities. Thus, the emergency campaign called Masks for Medics was launched.

The initiative strives to procure and provide the necessary PPE to all our heroes on the frontline. The medical grade PPE we procure includes gowns, aprons, surgical masks, respirator masks, visors, gloves, sanitiser, pulse oximetry monitors and thermometers. 

  • Follow Masks For Medics on social media for updates: InstagramFacebook
  • If you are a doctor and want to join the Masks for Medics team, please contact masksformedicsct@gmail.com


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