#ImStaying launches Mandela Day campaign to improve maths education

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In celebration of Mandela month, #ImStaying and Reflective Learning have partnered together to give the children of South Africa a better future, in Madiba’s honour, by improving the maths ability of disadvantaged students across the country.

According to Reflective Learning, by the end of Grade 9, more than 60% of learners are (on average) four grades behind in their mathematics ability. Research also shows that it is possible for learners to catch-up 4-6 grades of Maths knowledge within a single year.

To be a part of the solution and empower students, #ImStaying has launched the 67sq campaign on crowdfunding platform, BackaBuddy to not only raise funds to teach children mathematics but also equip them for future life. 

“Maths is a critical subject to allow students to further their education and navigate life. When learners struggle with maths in the early years of high school, it becomes difficult for them to catch up, pass matric and join the workforce” – says Founder of #Imstaying, Jarette Petzer.

Through donations, the campaign aims to sponsor 4489 (67×67) learners with an interactive educational app created by Reflective Learning that offers personalized content to students struggling with maths. 

With access to the learning platform, students will be able to identify their key problem areas and be guided through fundamental concepts to further their maths skills. 

The campaign went live on the 6th of July 2020, and has thus far raised R3 944.47 with contributions from 14 donors. Reflective Learning has also kindly offered to contribute an additional 3 licenses for every learner sponsored. 

“As a movement we invested in addressing root causes that hinder our progress as a nation.There is nothing more important than ensuring our youth have a fighting chance and the only way to give them that chance is through proper education. This is why we strongly support this initiative. We call on all willing and able South Africans to get behind us during this month of remembrance and help us achieve a goal that was incredibly close to Madiba’s heart.” – says Jarette.

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