#IMSTAYING launches campaign to provide Mfuleni township with #Covid19SA precaution packs.

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Since it’s launch on 7th of September 2019, viral Facebook group, #ImStaying has morphed into a hub of positivity and social responsibility with over 1 million South Africans sharing stories, celebrating diversity and welcoming meaningful change.

The group has since broadened their mandate, working on a number of community projects aimed at social upliftment and job creation and has formalized an NPC.

In November 2019, #ImStaying raised over R 264 906.66 on donations based crowdfunding platform, BackaBuddy, to support the drought-stricken Northern Cape, Williston farming community showing what is possible if South Africans come together.

Combating Covid19

As our nation faces a potential lockdown and the number of confirmed coronavirus infections in South Africa continue to rise#ImStaying is focusing on preventing a potential outbreak of COVID19 in the Mfuleni, an informal settlement in Cape Town, bordering Khayelitsha.

According to Census2011, the Mfuleni and Khayelitsha township have a combined population of over 440 0000 individuals.

“We have seen the affect the coronavirus has had on the world and we need to do our part to stop the spread. During this difficult time, I feel that we have an obligation to our poorer communities that live in close proximity, with limited resources and often don’t have access to running water” – says #ImStaying founder, Jarette Petzer (39).

#ImStaying founder, Jarette Petzer. Photo credit: Jurgen’s Photography

Crowdfunding on backabuddy

With a campaign launched on BackaBuddy, the #ImStaying moderators hope to put together hygiene packs, estimated to cost about R100 each, that will consist of hand sanitizers, disinfectants and soap to ensure that the elderly and sick can protect themselves from the novel coronavirus.

The campaign went live on the 17th of March 2020 and has thus far raised a total of R 14 905.45 towards their fundraising target of R400 000 with contributions from 52 donors.

Support this cause on BackaBuddy by making a donation here: https://www.backabuddy.co.za/precaution-packs

“We really hope the public will support our BackaBuddy campaign. Covid19 doesn’t have a preference of race, gender, sexual orientation or religion. We as South Africans share the social responsibility and we all need to stand up and do our part help the vulnerable ” – says Joanita Van Wyk (39), #ImStaying, Communications Director 

Joanita Van Wyk (39), #ImStaying, Communications Director

#IMSTAYING Tips for staying safe during the Covid19 epidemic:

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BackaBuddy has supported more than 10 000+ individuals and charities in setting up crowdfunding campaigns for medical fees, tuition and various other causes in South Africa.

For more information email info@backabuddy.co.za.

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