Handsome Harvey is getting ready to take on Australia – but he needs your help!

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SandtonKim Cawdry (30), who has Cerebral palsy and works as a private tutor for children with disabilities and learning difficulties, has been given an amazing opportunity to emigrate to Queensland, Australia in 2022.

But before Kim gets ready to pack her bags and join her partner, who has already gone over, there is another handsome fellow she can’t leave behind, her 2-year-old Boston Terrier, Harvey.

In 2019, after suffering a sexual assault, Kim decided to get a puppy to help comfort her through her ordeal. The pair turned out to be a perfect match and have been inseparable ever since.

“Harvey is a very playful pup. He is incredibly social, and suffers from FOMO if left alone too long. He is the most loving creature I know. He’s always giving hugs and kisses, and bundles of love when I’m feeling down, in pain and need him the most” – says Kim

‘I can’t leave him behind’

When Kim was presented with the opportunity to relocate overseas, she made a promise to her pup that she would do whatever it takes to bring him with. 

Working diligently through the pandemic, Kim saved every extra penny after her medical and living expenses, and managed to save over R10 000 towards Harvey’s trip.

Needing an additional R97 000, to cover the cost of Harvey’s boarding in South Africa, his flight, and his 10 day quarantine, Kim launched a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy, hoping pet lovers would understand her predicament and lend their support.

“I cannot fathom leaving Harvey behind.  It is just not an option. He is the reason I get up in the morning. He has always, literally been by my side, protecting me, sounding the alarm for possible intruders.  He is a huge comfort to me at night , when I can’t sleep due to pain/and or trauma. I focus on his breathing, his little body next to me and it is my grounding process. He knows to walk at a slow and steady pace with me, and helps me keep up my cardio exercise. When I make him dinner, I make myself  dinner, and when things get hard I can suffer from depression, so by remembering to look after him , I take care of myself.” – says Kim

Harvey’s campaign takes flight

With donations from friends and their ‘fur kids’, Harvey’s campaign is already taking flight.

Stevie, a Boston terrier from Edenvale donated the cost of a box of biscuits to support Harvey’s voyage. Showing that goodwill can exist between cats and dogs, Ripley, Percy and Kintsugi from Randburg, also chipped in their catnip allowance to see Harvey on his way.

To prepare for his stressful journey, Harvey is cutting down on treats, getting his exercise in, and waiting for the all clear from his doctor, before he can bark “hello mate”.

“We would be forever grateful for some holiday cheer! We would be so very happy to be reunited in our new home, on our new adventure.” – Is what Harvey would say, reckons Kim.

Support Harvey’s Voyage by making a donation on Backabuddy:
Need a reason to smile? Check out more photos of Harvey here

Adopt a Boston

Every dog deserves their own “happily ever after”. Boston Terrier Rescue SA’s dedicated volunteers work hard to make this happen for every Boston Terrier who they take into their care. Their network spans the entire South Africa, which allows them to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs who find themselves abandoned, unwanted, neglected or surrendered (no matter where they are).

Adopt a Boston

Create a crowdfunding campaign

South Africa’s leading crowdfunding platform, BackaBuddy has supported more than 10 000+ individuals and charities in setting up fundraising campaigns for medical fees, tuition and various causes in South Africa. The platform has thus far raised over R290 Million.

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