Gender anarchist, MJ is occupied with confronting intersecting social relations of power. Queer-ing

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Mammetja Mogotlane (27), works towards building a sustainable eco-community, playing chess with capitalism.

Born in Johannesburg, Gauteng, they have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pursue their master’s degree at The School of Oriental and African Studies University of London (SOAS) and urgently need help to fund their studies.

Mammetja has already graduated with a Masters of Sciences (MSc) in Politics of Conflict Rights and Justice. Earning an advantage through SOAS university is a teachable opportunity. They are empowered and motivated to work towards life-enabling systems fostering room for African queer people to be change-makers in their communities.

By attending the prestigious SOAS campus, Mammetja hopes to build on their understanding of transformative justice whilst centring their experiences with African women, queer people, and neuro-divergent people. They are honouring their love-informed, childhood dreams.

“Growing in communication means, learning to speak the many languages of your loves. The fluidity of Indigenous practices reminds us to engage the senses available to us, to listen.  The Earth is crying, and climatic shocks devastate people in their indigenous homes, especially those un-housed.” – says Mammetja.

“Purposefully ignored communities need systems rooted in radical love, promoting indigenous knowledge production and a reality where African queer kinfolk can be fully self-determining and uninhibited by systemic violence. Community-informed lenses frame sustainable accessibility to health care.

This yearning is a future I espouse and have committed myself to strive towards Encouraged by my love partners, I quit my survival-required job, and leaned into community care, did the background work, had several (re)drafts, and radically sent in my application – to thrive” – says Mammetja.

To cover their tuition fees estimated to cost R465 000, Mammetja has launched a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy that has raised R17 000 through 12 kind contributions.

“Being a historian creates space for intersectional forms of healing, and communally centered holistic health care. Love offers the capacity to pursue my goals” – says Mammetja.

Let’s help support Mammetja Mogotlane in pursuing this well-deserved opportunity.

Donate to Mammetja on Backabuddy

Alternatively, donate via Snapscan

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