Funny signs inspire good samaritan to buy a house for jobless dad

Lusindiso Malgas / Image: Rachel Button
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Like thousands of South Africans, warehouse packer and father of 3, Lusindiso Malgas (27), originally from Sterkstroom in the Eastern Cape, lost his job due the COVID-19 pandemic.

Without an education and lack of resources, Lusindiso found a way to spread joy, as well as support his family, by drawing up funny placards to entertain passers-by in Blouberg. From a young age, Lusindiso has had to rely on his sense of humour to get him through tough times.

“When I lost my job, I was like what am I going to do? How am I going to survive? All I know is how to make people laugh and how to talk to people. I had no choice but to work and put food on the table” says Lusindiso

Lusindiso Malgas

With his warm personality on full display, Lusindiso, caught the attention of a good samaritan and business consultant, Brendan Cottle (35), who launched a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy to help him get back on his feet.

Lusindiso Malgas with good samaritan, Brendan Cottle. / Image Yes and Yes

The campaign went live on 22 July 2020 and has thus far raised over R103 000 ($6500) towards his fundraising goal of R250 000 ($15 800) with contributions from 150 donors both locally and internationally.

Funds raised will help Lusindiso realize his dream of becoming a homeowner and be reunited with his children who are currently living with his parents, as he is unable to provide for them.

“Seeing Lusindiso’s smile brightened up my morning commute and I know the same can be said for many others. I am a very optimistic and positive person and when I saw Lu’s smile and happiness to do what he was doing, made me think about his and the situation of others, especially during the country lockdown. I hope with this campaign, Lusindiso’s story can reach more people and that his positivity can circle the globe.” – says Brendan

Lusindiso Malgas / Image: Rachel Button

“I would like to thank the Capetonians, as well as people across the country and overseas who have helped me and understood my situation. Those are the good people. I don’t know how I survived. But I did. God is great!” – says Lusindiso

Make a donation to Lusindiso crowdfunding campaign:
Alternatively make a donation via Snapscan.

Donations to Lusindiso’ crowdfunding campaign will be transferred directly to relevant suppliers, at his request, to ensure that funds are used for their intended purpose. With additional funds, Brendan hopes to help Lusindiso launch a t-shirt business to help him support his family going forward.

Keep up with Lusindiso by following his Instagram page, which has already gained over 5300 followers. 

Take a look at a few of Lusindiso’s head turning signs 

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