FREE ASHLEY | South African beauty (23) faces life in prison after ‘wrongful’ conviction in Thailand

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Ashley Oosthuizen (23) a young, vibrant, and loving lady from George, Western Cape, has allegedly been detained in a Thailand prison, serving a life sentence on drug charges, for a crime she didn’t commit.

After matriculating in 2018, Ashley couldn’t wait to explore the world. After completing her TEFL certification, she landed a teaching job in Bangkok, before moving to the island of Koh Samui, Thailand.

At the age of 18, Ashley met and became romantically involved with a 32-year-old American teacher, and self-proclaimed ‘international drug dealer’, unaware of his dark past and alleged history of criminal activity.

On 8 October 2020, Ashley’s life changed forever, when she signed for a parcel that arrived at The Hot Biscuit restaurant, where she was hired as a manager.

Little did she know, the package contained 250g of the narcotic MDMA. 

The plea to #FreeAshley has gone viral on social media

Within 10 minutes the bewildered Ashley was detained by authorities and sentenced to death for a crime she, her boyfriend, and her loved ones say she didn’t commit. 

Ashley’s sentence was later reduced to life in prison, where she will spend the next 25 years of her life, if her sentence isn’t overturned.

In a statement posted on Facebook, the boyfriend, who refuses to take legal accountability for his actions said:

“I was a high-school science teacher at one of the leading international schools there but I made more than most of my money from selling party drugs to the expats”

“Everything I do is for Ashley. Had I come sooner, no one would listen. Now that I have websites, a business, a book, and more – now Ashley can no longer be ignored. Ashley’s only crime was being my girlfriend.”

“The rest is all my fault and the fault of others who continue to try and bury the truth. I became infatuated with Ashley for a while and developed quite a fondness towards her. It was intoxicating being around someone so inexperienced and green behind the gills”

“At no point did Ashley ever know that I was having drugs sent to her little biscuit shop. At no point did she ever know I was an international dark web drug dealer”

Read the full statement

Ashley was reportedly transferred to Nakhon Si Thammarat Central Prison, South of Thailand, on 29 December 2021, her family who have not heard from her since are demanding answers.

Read more: Ashley’s mom, Lynn Blignaut speaks to the George Herald.

For updates  follow ‘A Voice for Ashley’ on Facebook here

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