Devastating Car Accident claims life of mother (36), daughter (9), daughter (6) suffers severe injuries 

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On the evening of 21 January 2022, Christeen Syffert (36) and her two daughters, Justeen (9) and Leanie (6) were involved in a serious motor vehicle accident on N17 Voortrekker Road in Alberton. The family was on their way home after seeing Christeen’s mom.

Paramedics arrived on the scene and found a car, a bakkie, and an SUV that had collided, according to an ER24 statement.

Christeen was trapped in her vehicle, and Justeen and Leanie lay on the ground a few metres away.

Tragically, Christeen died on the accident scene, and Lianie and Justeen were rushed to Netcare Union Hospital suffering critical injuries.

Justeen had bleeding on the brain and lung, injured her liver, and fractured her spine and leg. Sadly, a week after the incident, Justeen passed away from internal injuries and brain damage at Netcare Union Hospital.

As a result of the accident, little Lianie fractured her skull, injured her liver, broke her teeth, and suffered facial cuts as well as a dislocated jaw. She was later placed in an induced coma to allow her body to heal. Lianie has since been transferred to the pediatric ward at the Clinton Hospital, where her distraught father, Neil, watches over her.

“Lianie is doing much better but the road to recovery is still long and hard. She woke up from the seduced coma. Lianie had an operation on Wednesday, 2 February, where they inserted plates in her face. (She has lots of crushed bones on her face)” – says Christeen’s sister-in-law, Cornel Pretorius.

Mounting medical bills

To support the family, who doesn’t have medical aid, with their mounting medical bills, Cornel, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy, which has since raised over R230 000, towards their fundraising target of R1 Million rand, to cover the families current and future medical costs. 

More than 450 donors both locally and abroad have stepped in to help the family during this traumatic time in their lives.

“I would deeply appreciate you sharing their campaign with your network to help them receive the help I require. Please also consider pledging a monthly donation to enable their family to pay for their medical bills” – says Cornel

Speaking to Elzaan Pienaar at the Alberton Rekord, Cornel said:

“Christeen and Neil were married for 11 years. She was the most loving person who always wanted to help everyone as if it was a shoulder to cry on. She was the support pillar that kept the family together.

“We are going to miss Christeen’s smile and just everything about her. She was always so positive and giving. Her hands stood still for nothing.”

This is a tragic thing that has happened to our family. We can only trust in God to carry us through this.

Support the Syffert family on BackaBuddy:

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