Community surprises gardener, who put himself through law school, with a vehicle

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Pictured above: Robert Maposa

Born to an underprivileged family, Robert Maposa (43) from Mamelodi East, Pretoria, learned to make the most out of his limited opportunities.

Determined to build a better life for his wife, Hitahlula, and their two sons, Wonderful and Timothy, Robert worked as a gardener and did odd jobs to put himself through matric at the age of 28 and then went on to study a law degree.

Despite the obstacles in his path, Robert exceeded all expectations, passing his LLB degree from UNISA with distinction.

As finding a job has proven difficult without a vehicle of his own, Jonathan Smith (23), who has known Robert for the past 15 years, as he has worked for his family, launched a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy to surprise Robert with a second hand car to expand his work opportunities as he prepares for his board exams.

“I have been so fortunate to grow up around Robert, when I was younger he would tell me stories and let me help in the garden. As I’ve grown, I’ve learned to appreciate his kind spirit even more and I couldn’t be prouder of what he has achieved. I know given the slightest chance that he will be a major success” – says Jonathan.

Overwhelmed with support, Jonathan’s campaign to purchase a set of wheels for Robert raised almost R90 000 ($5700), exceeding the fundraising target of R60 000 ($3800) with contributions from 100 donors.

“We are so excited to read Robert the messages of support he has received and let him know that we have been raising funds for a car for him in ‘secret’. He has worked so hard and so diligently for so long, he really deserves all the praise” – says Jonathan.

Jonathan says additional funds raised by the campaign will be used to purchase Robert a laptop and smart work clothes as he begins his professional career.

Support Robert’s crowdfunding campaign:

Messages of support are rolling in for Robert:

“Most inspiring story. Blown away by your commitment and dedication. Wish you nothing but all the success you deserve. ” – Caz Lea

“You are one of the few who build a door when there are none to knock on. Well done!! Good luck ” – Christine

“Thank you for all your hard work and for looking after me. You deserve this! Im so proud of you!” – Ina smith

“Every setback is a set up for a come back, and your comeback is nothing short of exceptional. To a man who defied circumstances, I wish you nothing but the best. ” – Tatton

“Robert, you are an inspiration! I’m grateful for the opportunity to support your dream ” – Leah Scholtz

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