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FEEL GOOD | Cape Town community comes together to purchase a tuk-tuk for hard-working barista

FEEL GOOD | Cape Town community comes together to purchase a tuk-tuk for hard-working barista

Described as the best barista ever, Jack Umba (42), is the hard-working owner of Jack’s Place (Coffee Jess), in Claremont, Cape Town. Jack, like many of us has a dream to create a better future for himself & his family.

Jack’s dreams include purchasing a mobile tuk-tuk (with built-in coffee machine), which will enable him to reach a greater number of customers & deliver coffees directly to their homes. He also plans to expand his business to cater for parents in the Southern Suburbs, offering coffees at school drop offs.

Jack currently uses his bicycle for transport, and is often seen cycling the streets of Claremont & Harfield Village, with coffee & pancake orders perched safely in a coffee carrier on his bicycle’s handlebars.

However he has realised that a mobile coffee tuk-tuk is the perfect solution, as it’s relatively small, uses fuel sparingly, and will enable him to expand his customer base by going further, thereby making even more Capetonians happy every day by delivering their favourite beverage directly to their door.

Jack currently uses his bicycle to deliver coffee

Jack has built a name for himself in the local community with his “absolutely delicious” coffee and his sunny disposition. He always greets patrons with a big smile, a hug (when safe to do so), warmth, and kindness.  Jack also gives back to his community, by joining Harlyn Neighbourhood Watch on patrols in the evenings.

Help Jack realize a dream

Everyone who meets this amazing man is touched by his kindness, which is what prompted Michelle Tayler-Smith, a local Claremont resident & regular Coffee Jess patron to step in & help Jack to achieve his dream.

Michelle Tayler-Smith and Jack Umba

For the last few months, Jack has been saving up to purchase a tuk-tuk, and currently has R10 000 ($640) set aside to one day purchase his own wheels. 

Stepping in to help speed up the process, Michelle launched a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy, to get ‘Jack on the Move’ quicker. 

Since the launch of his campaign over R63 000 ($4000) has been raised, with kind contributions from more than 70 donors.  If the campaign reaches it’s fundraising target of R90 000 ($5700), Jack will be able to cover the cost of a second hand tuk-tuk, a coffee machine as well as modifications to get the vehicle on the road. 

Ensuring transparency with donors, Jack has asked that funds be paid directly to the relevant suppliers.

“Jack is overwhelmed & humbled by the support he is getting from South Africans all over the world & assures everyone that he will not let them down”. – says Michelle

Make a donation to support Jack on BackaBuddy:
Alternatively, make a donations via Snapscan:
Jack Umba is well-known in Cape Town for his coffee and charm

Messages of support come pouring in for Jack

“Well done on being so proactive in creating a business. I hope this donation helps you purchase your tuk tux and may your business go from strength to strength. ” – A supporter

“Happy to support entrepreneurs like Jack. Wishing you lots of success!” – Paul & WolfgNg

“Good luck Jack! Michelle – your endorsement was compelling!” – Victoria

“Hope you realize your dreams Jack. You deserve only good things” – Lisa

Create a crowdfunding campaign

South Africa’s leading crowdfunding platform, BackaBuddy has supported more than 10 000+ individuals and charities in setting up fundraising campaigns for medical fees, tuition and various causes in South Africa. The platform has thus far raised over R290 Million.

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