Campaign launched to redress the imbalance of female voices in South African media.

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Quote This Woman+, an organisation founded in 2019, which works to amplify the voices of women in the media, is celebrating over R60 000 raised on BackaBuddy to continue bridging gender gaps as they enter 2021.

Currently, less than 20% of sources quoted in the news are women.

Kathy Magrobi, founder and director of the non-profit, said that the public support shows the importance of promoting women’s voices in the media.

The organisation’s key focus this year has been building its database of women+ experts, as a resource for media organisations to diversify whose voices get quoted in the news.

QW+ volunteers have grown the database exponentially since the onset of Covid-19, and it now hosts over 370 women+ experts, including leading public health figures and specialists in fields from agriculture to zoology. The + in the name means that the database encompasses all marginalised voices.

Magrobi said that the funds through their crowdfunding campaign will help the organisation expand its work in 2021, including adding new members to its database of experts, and focusing on further fundraising and sustainability.

“Every donation, large and small, makes a difference. Every donation is a stitch in our safety net for 2021, a year that will need women’s voices more urgently than at any time in our history,” she said.

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Quote This Woman+ is a non-profit company based in Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal, but working throughout South Africa. Their aim is to contribute to gender transformation of the media landscape through the use of woman+ voices and narratives that better correlate to South African demographics.

They are building a body of woman+ experts in traditionally male-dominated fields to appear on panels and in the news, and are collating new narratives from this database with the aim of broadening the news agenda. Contact Quote This Woman+

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