A Merry Christmas for the Children of Thandi House

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For the last 10 years, Thandi House, a registered non-profit children’s home in Chase Valley, Pietermaritzburg has provided a safe and loving home to over 25 abused, abandoned and neglected children, as well as children living with disabilities and teen mothers with no place to go.

The organisation was founded by Mark (37) and Rene Morcom (34) in 2009, after an alarming number of newborn babies were found dead in trash cans, gutters, fields and public toilets. Counted among the discarded little ones, one day old, Thandi, was found alive in a sealed in a plastic bag. Looking at her face, the Marcoms knew they had found their purpose, and the Thandi House was formed.

“This little baby became a beacon of hope that we could save many other babies. Once opening our home to these precious unwanted babies, we fell more in love. Feeling cold and resolute in our commitment to give of our lives to save and serve children without hope, without love and without a mom and dad “ – says Mark

Caring for the forgotten

With limited resources and no government funding, Thandi House, cares for abandoned babies, to rape and abused children, blind, mentally and physically disabled children and terminally ill children. They also care for young pregnant teenage girls who have no support or family to care for them or their baby. 

“Who these children are and what they become depends on our ability to give of ourselves to fill their lives with unconditional love and security. By doing this, they gain a knowing that they belong. Taking every child into our family as our own and they will remain with us for as long as they need. The charity does not turn away children on their 18th birthday as many other homes do. Support and love are given at every stage, all the way into adulthood. We care for them until they can stand on their own two feet. This is at the core of our ethos. Family is forever, after all.” – says Mark

Crowdfunding for a memorable Christmas

To raise R10 000 to give the children of Thandi House a warm and memorable Christmas, Porky’s People, has launched a campaign on donations based crowdfunding platform, BackaBuddy.

Funds raised will help provide each child at the home with a small gift to the value of R200 and contribute to the festivities of the day.

“Christmas is a time of love and generosity. While we enjoy this time with our loved ones, it is important to reach out to those in need, so they can experience the joy of the christmas spirit. It’s so easy to get distracted and forget what the Christmas season is all about, you just need to see through the eyes of a child to be reminded” – says Porky’s People Co-founder, Theresa Pienaar.

Porky’s People Co-Founder, Theresa Pienaar visiting Thandi House

Show your Support this Christmas  

Make a donation to give the children of Thandi House a memorable Christmas: https://www.backabuddy.co.za/a-merry-christmas-for-thandi-house

Connect with Thandi House:



Twitter: https://twitter.com/thandihouse

Crowdfund on BackaBuddy

Raise funds to support your favourite charity this Christmas: Create a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy or email marketing@backabuddy.co.za for more information


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