7 Effective Ways to Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign and Get Donations

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Launching a crowdfunding campaign is just the first step towards raising funds for your cause. To achieve your fundraising target, it’s essential to engage with your network effectively and at the right time to maximize your campaign’s reach and appeal to potential donors.

In this guide, we have compiled a list of 7 Effective Ways that you can promote your crowdfunding campaign successfully and receive support from your network and the wider donor community.

Finding The Right Platform

Choosing the right crowdfunding platform is crucial for successfully raising funds for your cause. BackaBuddy is South Africa’s leading donations platform, having raised over R400 million for various causes nationwide.

If you need funds for medical needs, tuition fees, or any other cause, we highly recommend creating your crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy to maximize your fundraising potential. Launch a campaign. Contact us for guidance.

Optimize Your Campaign

To achieve your crowdfunding goals, it’s essential to optimize your campaign content before promoting it to a wide audience. Craft a clear, emotive story explaining the beneficiary’s situation and the impact donations will have on them.

How To Write A Crowdfunding Story

Include high-quality images and a one-minute video to enhance your campaign’s credibility and engagement. Studies show that videos can increase donations 4X and social media shares 7X. It is also important to ensure that your fundraising target is transparent, realistic, and aligned with the beneficiary’s needs.

How To Create A Crowdfunding Video

Reach Out To Your Immediate Circle

To kickstart your crowdfunding campaign and receive your first donations, it’s crucial to reach out to your personal network of friends and family first via direct messages. They are more likely to support your cause and be willing to donate, as they already trust you and have a relationship with you. 

Having initial donors can create social proof and make your campaign more attractive to potential donors who may be hesitant to be the first to contribute. This can help you attract more donations and create momentum for your campaign.

You can send your campaign to your family and friends through instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or email, with a short, personalized message introducing your campaign and what you are fundraising for.

Research shows that 98% of instant messages are opened and read within the first 3 seconds, making it a fast and effective way to promote your campaign at the start.

An idea of a message you could send:

98% of Instant messages are typically read within 3 seconds, making it the perfect way to reach out to your immediate circle.

Reach Out To Your Wider Network

To maximize your chances of receiving more donations towards your crowdfunding campaign, it’s crucial to expand your reach beyond your immediate circle.

After securing a few initial donations, you should reach out to your wider network, which includes extended family, neighbours, co-workers, social groups, acquaintances, members of your community, and the wider public.

Additionally, consider collaborating with influencers, non-profit organizations, or businesses that share your cause to expand your reach even further.

As your campaign gains momentum and becomes more trustworthy, a broader audience is more likely to show their support. Personalize your message to each group, highlighting the impact their donation will create, and ask them to share your campaign with people they know.

Reach Out On Social Media

To maximize the reach and success of your crowdfunding campaign, social media can be a powerful tool. Research shows that sharing your campaign on social media, once you have secured at least 5-10 donations from your immediate circle and your wider network, can increase your campaign’s chances of success 5X. This is because potential donors, especially those who don’t know you personally, are often hesitant to be the first to donate, but are more likely to contribute when a campaign begins gaining traction.

To effectively promote your campaign on social media, it’s important to personalize your message and highlight the impact that donations will create. Accompany your posts or stories with a high-resolution image or short video to enhance your message and capture the attention of your followers.

Don’t just share your crowdfunding campaign link on its own; make sure to introduce your campaign and encourage your followers to donate and share your campaign on their social media channels. 

Sharing your crowdfunding campaign on social media once you have 5-10 donations can increase your success rate by 5X.


Reach Out To Local Media

To increase the reach of your crowdfunding campaign even further, consider reaching out to local media outlets once you have received 10-20 donations and your campaign has gained momentum. Local online blogs, newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations have the ability to reach thousands or even millions of potential donors and may be interested in covering your story.

To reach out, write a press release in third person that includes relevant quotes from you or your beneficiary, along with images or a video. Consider publishing  your press release on free distribution sites like MyPR and MyPressportal. To find media contacts visit download The South African Government Media Directory, visit the “contact us” section of a publication in your area, or reach out to journalists on social media.

If your campaign has media potential, you reach an unlimited audience of supporters.

Share Updates & Milestones

Donors want to feel connected to the cause they’re supporting, so it’s crucial to keep them engaged and informed. Regularly sharing updates on your crowdfunding campaign’s progress, including the milestones you’ve achieved and challenges you’ve overcome, can encourage donors to continue supporting your campaign.

By doing so, donors will trust your campaign more and see the impact they have helped create. It’s also essential to thank your donors individually and publicly and consider sharing testimonials or stories from the people who have benefited from your campaign. These updates not only build trust but also foster a sense of community and motivate continued support


In conclusion, while it is essential to expand your reach to attract a wider audience of potential supporters for your crowdfunding campaign, it is equally important to engage with your immediate network first.

By reaching out to your immediate circle through personal, direct messages, you can build trust, credibility, and gain the initial momentum needed to attract donors in your wider network and the wider donor community.

Reaching the right people, at the right time, with the right message, will increase your crowdfunding campaign’s likelihood of success.

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