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[Listen] A conversation about Gender-based violence in South Africa

[Listen] A conversation about Gender-based violence in South Africa

Vivienne Cannan from the Aha Africa podcast, speaks to Ignatius France from The Justice Desk, in her 3 part series on Gender-based violence in South Africa.

In this conversation, the pair discuss the role The Justice Desk plays in educating, training, and advocating for and equiping youth, vulnerable groups, civil society, and governments in Human Rights, justice and advocacy.

Working primarily in township areas and vulnerable communities, the organisation aims to put an end to Gender-based violence and encourage meaningful change in our country.

Listen to episode #1 of the 3 part series below.

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In memory of Meghan Cremer: Young women learn to protect themselves from GBV.

Connect with The Justice Desk

The Justice Desk is an award-winning human Rights Organisation which operates in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The organisation empowers local people to understand and defend their human Rights, in order to build safer communities for all! Contact The Justice Desk.

Connect with Aha Africa

Join Viv for her weekly podcast covering small stories with big heart. Recorded from the tip of Africa, Viv chats to locals who all have one thing in common – BIG hearts.

If you are looking for flawless, polished episodes with media trained individuals, you might want to make a quick U-turn in your tracks but…for those who want to hear real stories, from real people within the beautiful and unique “Rainbow Nation” then aha Africa might just be for you!


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