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Can’t Leave the Office on Mandela Day?

Can’t Leave the Office on Mandela Day?

On the 18th of July, South Africans will celebrate what would have been Nelson Mandela’s 100th  birthday by reflecting on his 67 year commitment to social justice and servant leadership.


On International Mandela Day, we are reminded of the legacy that united our rainbow nation and respond to a global call to action to harness our collective power as ordinary individuals to shape the world around us. We are encouraged to act in kindness and serve our local communities, churches and charitable organizations by volunteering 67 minutes of our time or offering financial contributions to causes that resonate with us.

Many of us have the best intentions to do our part on Mandela Day, but with juggling work and various daily activates, our ideas tend to get lost in a last minute scramble. You might also not have the most flexible job or be able to leave the office on Mandela Day which can sometimes be discouraging. To counteract this common occurrence, a solution has been offered by 67give. Co-founded by donations based crowdfunding platform, BackaBuddy .67give, is a movement intended to make Mandela Day the biggest giving day in Africa.

67give aims to tap into the power of social media and allow individuals or groups to present their charitable projects to their networks through the growing popularity of the crowdfunding model which is changing the face of traditional fundraising.


Through an easy sign up process, individuals, groups or offices, will be able to lend their name to their favourite cause. They will be able to motivate their campaign in writing or through uploading a video. They will also be able to set their own fundraising goals to satisfy specific needs outlined by their selected non-profit or community initiative.

In line with the new direction taken by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, fundraisers or champions as we like to call them, will be able to fundraise up until and even after Mandela Day, for those who would like to offer a little more than 67 minutes. 67give Avatar

How to get involved:

  • If your Charity is not yet on BackaBuddy sign up here first!
  • If your Charity is already on BackaBuddy, register as as 67give beneficiary  here:

Once your profile is live, we recommend sending out a message to your donor base to start putting together your 67give fundraising team. 67give will assist you with this.

  • Create a 67give campaign as an individual here:
    If your chosen charity is not on the drop down list, 67give will make contact with them to register.
  • If you’re putting together a fundraising team as Corporate company or business sign up here:

Contact hello@67give.org or visit 67give.org for more information.

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